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A Complete Guide to Promoting and Selling Your Self-Published Ebook
by Dorothy Thompson


With the rise of the internet, electronic book publishing has become extremely popular. It’s relatively easy and inexpensive to create an ebook and sell it from a website. The hard part comes afterwards. Once the book is published, how do you promote it? How do you let the people know that it’s available? How do you boost sales?

A Complete Guide to Promoting and Selling Your Self-Published Ebook is full of tips and ideas to help you find your niche audience and sell your book. The internet is full of promotional opportunities, but it can be hard to find these venues and decide what works best. Dorothy Thompson has done the homework already, so following her advice, this book can be used as a primer for your promotional efforts. I also found that this is the type of advice which can be used for promoting all types of books and not necessarily only self-published ebooks.

In Thompson’s own words, this book will teach you:

*Why self-publishing eBooks is one of the most viable
ways of earning added income

*How you can make more money publishing it yourself
than having an e-publisher do it

*How to optimize your web site for full impact and get a
top ten ranking in all the major search engines

*How to set up an eBook selling page that will have
everyone begging to buy

*How to syndicate your own articles with clickable links
that will take you right to the submitting page in most

*How to get FREE exposure on radio talk shows and a
list of talk shows that are looking for authors to

*What directories to list your eBook at no cost to you

*How sending press releases can double your profit
including 41 press release companies that will send out
your press release for FREE

*How to give away eBooks to sell eBooks

*How to develop a guerilla marketing plan geared
toward your eBook’s subject and how to put it in action
for best results

Thompson, a publicist and relationship expert, writes in a light, friendly and straight-forward style that also makes this book enjoyable to read. In sum, this book contains an amalgam of valuable information and resources on book promotion and should be on the virtual shelf of every author who is serious about selling books. More information about this book may be found on the author’s website at http://www.pumpupyourbookpromotion.com.

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