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The Author
Nancy Oelklaus began her career as a high school English teacher in Marshall, Texas. She earned the B.A. in Communications from Oklahoma Baptist University, the M.A. in English from the University of North Texas and the doctorate in educational administration from Texas A&M University, Commerce. For nine years she served as assistant superintendent for instructional services in Marshall, followed by nine years as executive director for the Texas Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Since 2000 she has worked as an executive coach in Austin, serving entrepreneurial clients in education, social services, financial services, real estate, public relations, and city administration. Dr. Oelklaus has received numerous awards and honors for civic leadership, including the Vision to Action Award from the Visions of a Better World Foundation in Boston. She was named Leader of Leaders by Sam Houston State University’s Department of Educational Leadership and Woman of Achievement by the Business and Professional Women of Marshall, Texas. In 2007 she received the Profile in Excellence Award from Oklahoma Baptist University. Her articles have appeared in publications including The American School Board Journal, The Austin Business Journal, The Systems Thinker, and AustinWoman. Her first book, entitled Journey from Head to Heart: Living and Working Authentically, will be published in March 2008 by Loving Healing Press of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Three coaching CD’s by Nancy are available through Amazon.

You can visit her website at http://www.headtoheart.info/ or her blog at http://www.headtoheartblog.s/.

The Book

JOURNEY FROM HEAD TO HEART: Living and Working Authentically is a toolkit for those who are exhausted from solving never-ending problems, working harder and harder and not arriving at the destination where they truly want to be. The tools and processes are designed for people who are a little wary of “touchy-feely” or “New Age” approaches. Journey from Head to Heart is exactly that, integrating logic, reason, emotion, spirituality, recovery, science, and ancient wisdom from a variety of sources to create a recipe for wholeness.


It’s an exciting adventure to discover that we can, in the words of poet, author, consultant, and Director of the LBJ Library, Betty Sue Flowers, “tell a different story” about our experiences, processing through the negative emotions surrounding them. We can replace resentment with forgiveness and understanding. We can replace self-censorship with self-acceptance. Once begun, this is a recursive process. We keep coming back to it any time a negative emotion or experience arises or a situation reminds us of an earlier trauma. Instead of staying trapped in the memory, we process through and replace it with one that brings us peace.

Read my interview with Nancy at Blogcritics Magazine

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Monkey Trap

By: Lee Denning

Twilight Times Books


ISBN: 1-931201-34-X

Copyright 2004

Genre: Science Fiction Thriller

Paperback, 422 pages, $19.50

Reviewed by Mayra Calvani

Monkey Trap would sure make a great SF film. At its worst, it will keep you reading late into the night.

Two objects resembling asteroids approach earth. They collide in a flash of green and blue light. One falls on a Columbian jungle, the other on Washington.

In the Columbian jungle, John Jacob Connard, US Special Forces veteran, better known as Assassin, is on a mission to eliminate a drug lord. He is shot and mortally wounded, and upon waking, he discovers his wounds have miraculously healed and an alien voice in his mind is ‘talking’ to him.

In Washington, Lara Picard, environmental lawyer and mother, has a serious biking accident, grave enough to end her life. Yet, as she is rushed to the hospital, she can feel her own wounds mysteriously healing as if by magic. And just like Connard, she now seems to share her mind with a strange being.

Alien, intelligent entities have invaded the consciousness of the two protagonists.
One is good and wishes earth to step into the next level of consciousness. The other is evil and seeks nothing but human destruction. But which is which? What exactly are they? And why do the computers at the Global Consciousness Project suddenly seem to go berserk?

This is an impressive, ambitious first novel. The first of a triology, Monkey Trap is an action-packed, suspenseful, and fascinating extraterrestrial story that will keep you reading compulsively until you discover the conclusion. Its originality sets it apart from the rest of SF novels being published these days. If you enjoy action stories with a strong touch of mysticism and scientific detail, you’ll love this book.

The sequel to Monkey Trap, titled Hiding Hand is coming out this August and I’ve already asked for the advance review copy. If it looks at all like the first book, it should keep me pretty busy reading at night.

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