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The Author:
“Fascinated by the supernatural from an early age, I started writing the first sentences of my novel Darksome Thirst during lulls in activity as a second-shift computer operator many years ago.

Unable to devote myself full-time to my writing because of work and pursuing my Bachelor’s degree at night, I shelved the novel until 1999. Life intervened — as it often does — and it was four more years before I finally completed the publishable draft.

Though I’ve published many computer manuals in my job as a technical writer, Darksome Thirst was my first published work of horror fiction. This unusual tale combining vampires and Wiccans and computers (oh, my!) made its debut in June 2003.

The sequel, The Old Power Returns, was published in June 2007. Though it’s a sequel, I wrote it so that it could be read on its own. It features more battles with the supernatural and more of the suspense and strong characterization of my first novel.

Married with one cat, I live in Massachusetts with my husband, a pragmatist who is mildly amused by his wife’s interest in things that go bump in the night. In my spare time (hah!), I’m a member of the advisory board of Broad Universe and the Webmaster for New England Horror Writers.” –the author.

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The Old Power Returns
Harvest Shadows Publications
320 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-9741740-7-5
Publication Date: June 2007
Retail Price: $15.95
Printed in USA

With Spring, the tides of the universe grow stronger. The sap from the trees runs again, and life stirs again— but it’s all life: physical, mental, psychic… good, evil.

Yes, the old power returns, but the power, like the tides themselves, can also be for good or evil…

The Old Power Returns is the sequel to Darksome Thirst, but I wrote it with enough background so that new readers can jump right in. This one’s a little more fun than the first one, but doesn’t skimp on atmosphere or chills.

Can Alicia, logic-worshipping proto-geek, stave off the vampire? Will Evan’s congee burn in the pan? And what of the “Wizard of Westville”?

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Darksome Thirst
Harvest Shadows Publications
320 pages
ISBN: 0-9741740-3-3
Publication Date: June 2003
Retail Price: $14.95
Printed in USA

Vampires and witches and computers… oh, my!

Darksome Thirst is a fast-paced, atmospheric tale of a modern, even feminist, young woman who must resolve the difference between what her logical mind tells her and what she is actually experiencing.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, fledgling witch Matricaria has begun to receive psychic messages – vivid dreams and tarot card readings – that point to a terrible fate for someone near her. She and her coven attempt to decipher the symbols, hoping to prevent a tragedy. Soon the lives of these very different women intersect.

Can Matricaria, a mere trainee, decode the nightmares in time to save Alicia? Is Matricaria or her coven any match for a vampire who has lived for nearly a century?

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