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Touring the blogosphere this month is fantasy author Star Davies, whose debut novel, BLOOD FORSAKEN, is a pre-quel to her new Divica series. Everyone who comments under this post will receive a PDF sample of the first three chapters of Blood Forsaken. Just contact her directly at info@stardavies.com and let her know you’re interested. Those who comment will also be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a free copy of The Order, a novella written in the world of Divica where Blood Forsaken takes place. Be sure to leave an email if you wish to participate. Everyone who comments and leaves an email address will get a “First Glimpse” PDF of her upcoming novel, Divica: God-Emperor’s Reign, as well as an exclusive discount code to purchase a copy of Blood Forsaken.

To find more about Star, visit her website at: www.stardavies.com, and her blog at: www.star-davies.blogspot.com

Meet the author…

Star Davies, born in Jacksonville, Florida, a blond hair, blue eyed Native American, has lived in Wisconsin since 1980. She grew up in Milton, but in 2001 relocated to Beloit. Encouraged by her parents throughout her upbringing that she could do anything she put her mind to, her writing began at the age of eight. It was not until her godsons were born in 2003 that she began to create the fantasy world Divica.

Since 2006, Star Davies has published one solo novel, within her primary genre, fantasy. April 2008 saw the debut of Blood Forsaken, a prequel novel to a new series. Five additional volumes are under contract. Star has also published several short stories in Chicken Soup for the Wine Lover’s Soul, Wisconsin Writers’ Journal, AlienSkin e-zine, and Wisconsin Regional Writer. Some related to her Divica series. Her short, A Restless Night, won awards from VERB e-zine. Star is also an active Chair Member of the Wisconsin Regional Writers’ Association.

The novel…

Peace is spreading across the land. Narcysius, heir to the Dragon Throne, is desperate to quench his blood thirsty appetite. Only one can stop him… His brother.

Read the struggle that led to the breaking of the world.

ISBN: 978-1-43489-8962
List Price: $13.99
Purchase the book here.


Chapter One:

Even as Narcysius passed the last chair, and rounded the edge of the pool, Timaleon could see that same look in his emerald green eyes and stone cold face. Delight in someone else’s fear. Not that Timaleon feared him, really. There was so much about his eldest son that Timaleon would never be able to understand, which was why he knew that what he was about to do was best for the kingdom.

Narcysius knelt before the king. The purple velvet cape around his shoulders swished quickly from side to side as he flipped the left shoulder of it back—purposely revealing the sheathed sword—without touching the cape. The inside of the long cloak shimmered platinum silk. His hand was firmly around the black suede hilt of his sword. With the skills that he possessed—and a brief backward glare that Timaleon could have sworn he caught a glimpse of—Narcysius would have no trouble drawing and quickly beheading his own kin before anyone knew what had happened. The idea that his own flesh and blood could be so cruel forced the usually jolly king to shake off the horrible image.

“Father.” Narcysius’ tone was cold, which matched his detached expression.

Timaleon sighed. “My son.”

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