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Of Atlantis is an epic, fantasy novel based on the king of Atlantis known as Archimedes. For some strange reason Archimedes is blessed with a source of untapped power. His mother, Cheris, knows the truth, but his father, King Linus does not, making him very fearful of the young prince, his only son. In this first book, we follow Archimedes from his childhood, until he is crowned king, marries and has children of his own.

His mother, Cheris, endures a loveless marriage, because she feels a duty to her subjects and to her only son, Archimedes, who she values more than herself.. The continent of Atlantis is made up of several different countries with five other kings. Political turmoil is rampant and war is always a threat to mankind.

Before the devastating day that the ocean swallowed the entire continent, we observe the joy and strife of life in Atlantis. One trusted advisor to the king proves to be an arch-enemy. He knows and covets the true strength of the powers of Archimedes – his name is Uric.

After the devastation, which Uric and Archimedes survive because of the special powers they both possess, including their gift of eternal life, Uric pursues Archimedes throughout history attempting to steal his power, growing progressively stronger with time.

But Archimedes was proud, he was regal, he was Of Atlantis.

The Author…

Lanaia Lee is a 50-year-old who suffered a stroke at 35 due to high blood pressure and erratic hypertension. Since then, Lanaia has been in a wheelchair, but she hasn’t let that stop her one bit! In Lanaia’s own words, “I still rock and roll, and I mean literally roll!”

Six miscarriages left her with no living children, except for her Jack Russell Terrier. She has been married to a wonderful husband for ten years, who is also in a wheelchair, but they live totally independently. Although according to Lanaia, “This factor does make life interesting! But we face each challenge with the help of God.”

Her grandmother, a self-professed black witch, raised Lanaia after her mother died when she was eight years old. Why does Lanaia write such dark poetry? In Lanaia’s words, “I guess being raised with the occult and supernatural explains why I have such a knack for dark poetry. Writing is one of the few things I can do that relaxes me. I will probably write for as long as I live because this is something that I really love to do. God gave me this literary gift, so why not use ?”

Lanaia is working on the fourth book in a five-book fantasy series. The first book is now available for purchase.

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