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As I sit here before this blank sheet of paper, all I can think about is how I have a terrible case of writer’s block. I am also finding I need to find healthier snacks. I have a liter of Mountain Dew, a bag of Halloween Peanut Butter M&M’s and am puffing away on Djarum Blacks.

It reminds me of when I go on a writing binge. I will go through a bag of M&M’s, the liter bottle, and a handful of Djarum over the course of a night. They are my escape from the world. Writing brings me to a place where I can hide away from whatever is ailing me, and in return I can control a situation.

Not all my writing comes from personal experience. Which I am sure is a breath of relief for most people. But there are situations, and conversations I have had with people in the past, I use to embellish a point in a book.

Perhaps that makes me a little over the top and dramatic. I will purposely at times take a stance on something even if I don’t believe it, just to form a debate or conversation to help me pick out a new point of view. It also helps to form a voice for a character in a story. My greatest fear is all my characters will sound just like me.

To a point though, a book is a part of you, and your voice runs through it no matter how well you cover it up. Every character represents a piece of your soul. Some are stronger voices, the main one being the one you identify with on a daily basis.

That is of course how we can hold a conversation in our minds, when we get ready to bring up a form of negotiation. You go through your responses and how the other person will respond. You build their responses from their prominent piece of soul. The one you interact with when you are face to face with them.

A few days ago I was spending time with a friend. We were sitting in a restaurant and I was focusing on several exterior conversations at the same time he was talking to me. This of course was driving him crazy, as eavesdropping is very rude. I admit it, but the context was very unimportant to me, it was the words being chosen by individuals that was driving me wild. I am a fan of dialogue and there is nothing like the interaction of two people.

My friend of course cleared his throat and demanded to know what was grabbing my attention. He didn’t believe I heard anything he had recently said. I responded to his comments, and reviewed pieces of what he had mentioned in his story. I reminded him my over active mind tends to do many things at once. Which I find is very common with a lot of other writer friends I know.

I have a female writer friend whom I have lunch with from time to time. Our main focus is the conversations around us. We pick up on the stories of people, and we build a character profile based on these people. Not to say we would ever use them in a story, but it is great practice for a person to do.

The final point I am setting to get across in my jumble of ramblings, is every conversation has a basis of point, and interest. A topic that may seem rather unimportant to a person can hold a greater thrill if you dig into it, find something that inspires you in it, and write it out.

Write with your heart, and just keep writing. Imagine a world where we ceased to continue the written word. Encourage our young to read, and find something that strikes passion in their hearts. If your son or daughter loves to read about lions, go buy them books about lions and avoid switching on say The Lion King. There is a value behind all forms of entertainment, but a book can capture and tour a part of the mind that no visual form of entertainment can.

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