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By Sherry Thompson

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If you’re a fan of hard fantasy novels, you may want to pick up a copy of Seabird by Sherry Thompson.

Cara Marshall is your regular, self-absorbed teenager. While on a summer holiday at the beach with her family, she purchases a strangely beautiful pendant in the shape of a seabird. Nothing happens at first—that is, until she wears a special kind of garment that, together with the pendant, has magical consequences. In an instant, she is transported to Narenta, a parallel world of beautiful, bizarre colors and unusual beings.

Unlike Cara, who finds herself totally confused by this new world and its people, and wants nothing more than to get back home as quickly as possible, the Narentans firmly believe that she has been sent here by their god Alphesis, and sent here for a reason: to save their world from the great evil that threatens to destroy it. Eventually Cara falls into a vortex of intrigue and adventure as she tries to fight and save herself from the daemagos—or evil sorcerers—who want to kill her, as well as become the savor of Narenta and its people. Will a high school senior able to fulfill such mission?

Part epic tale, part coming-of-age story, Seabird will be enjoyed by fantasy fans who particularly like rich, detailed descriptions of new worlds and their mythology, as well by those who enjoy fiction interlaced with religious themes. Author Sherry Thompson clearly loves the fantasy genre and this becomes evident in the care and attention she takes to create her plot, world and characters. Cara is particularly well drawn, realistic and sympathetic with her set of human flaws. The mythology is meticulous and interesting. I only have two minor negative things to say: I found the beginning of the novel a bit slow, with the pace slowing down by too much description and dialogue that didn’t necessarily advanced the plot; finally, the cover art in no way does justice to the quality of the book. I feel it definitely deserves a better cover.

This is the first book in the Narenta Tumults series. It is also the first novel written by Thompson and I have to say it is a praiseworthy effort. It says in Thompson’s website that Seabird was a “labor of love” and this really comes through from her writing.

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