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Jo Ann Hernández – BronzeWord1@yahoo.com

Please visit: http://bronzeword.wordpress.com

Does anyone know the name of the star in the original movie: “The Blog.” Post it on the contact page.

BronzeWord’s Blog is a new entry in the field of Latino news. The blog offers writers information on publishing news especially with an impact on Latinos/as, Latino/a book awards, Latino/a author’s new releases, agents and editors views and needs, writing techniques, contests guidelines and conferences information and marketing and promotional strategies. BronzeWord is passionate about helping Latinos/as maximize their writing potential. Articles will be provided to relevant writing news and to inspire and assist you to achieve your writing goals this year.

BronzeWord’s Blog invites guest bloggers to submit articles in categories pertinent to the publishing industry. Guest bloggers are welcome to announce new services or opportunities for Latino/a authors and writers.

BronzeWord’s Blog invites new writers to ask questions, seek guidance, and announce their victories, no matter how small or how big. Young Adults are invited to make comments, ask questions and be published. They can post their poetry and short stories. Also names of magazines and online publishers are provided where Young Adults can post their writing, so they can see themselves in print. I want young people to see they have a voice and the ability to broadcast that voice to the world before somebody puts them into vocational training.

BronzeWord’s Blog invites published authors to talk about their experience, their marketing plans, ask for helping in getting word out on their books, and anything that would make their book life a more prosperous venue..

BronzeWord’s Blog main goal is to provide the one place any Latino/a can come to for full coverage of the Latino/a book world and publishing industry. Soon free books will be given away.

BronzeWord’s Blog is run by award-winning author, Jo Ann Hernandez. Her two books, The Throwaway Piece (2007, Arte Público Press) won first place and White Bread Competition (1997, Arte Público Press) won second place at the Chicano/Latino Literary Prize contest at the University of California, Irvine.

Ms.. Hernández hopes to make BronzeWord’s Blog the one stop information site for all things in writing.

RSS feed and email subscriptions are provided.

Please visit: http://bronzeword.wordpress.com

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