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The Author…

Some might assume that Estevan Vega fell in love with writing because math just didn’t make sense anymore, and they’d be half right. Nevertheless, a passion for the written word, coupled with the desire to make a difference not only among youth but also adults, Estevan has sought to figure out what’s wrong with the world, starting with the man he sees in the mirror. His books often struggle estevanvegaagainst dark themes and involve fighting inner demons. The characters are real and organic, and they strive for deeper meaning and identity and fulfillment. He began writing his first novel in the sixth grade, published it when he was fifteen, and followed it up with THE SACRED SIN, released when he was eighteen. He loves watching movies, finding a great book, and the idea of love. He is the second of four sons and grew up in Connecticut; but don’t hold that against him. Estevan Vega is currently a sophomore English major at Gordon College.

The Books…

Servant of the Realm

Captivated by suspense, emotion, and conviction, this young author embarked on a journey to unite not index_10only the imagination but also the unbelievable. In his first book, Servant of the Realm, a young man is challenged with facing the possibility of manipulating the outcomes that are pivotal in his life and those whom he loves. Raising moral questions and playing with the laws of nature, this young man attempts the role of Deity.

The Sacred Sin

In his second book, The Sacred Sin, the gripping reality of the existence of supernatural forces in common everyday experiences is investigated. Demonic influence, human frailty and spiritual perseverance are all tested in this vivid novel. Real people with real problems in real situations wage against fantastic odds and index_11press forward only to discover the unbelievable. In a world where perfection is seemed as only something to be reached for but never obtained, Jude Foster makes a daunting quest for his survival and the protection of others not in the fold. Danger lies in assuming humanity is either good or evil, for isn’t there a little of both in all of us?

To learn more about this author, visit his website at www.estevanvega.com

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