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Hi all,

I’d like to announce Voice in the Dark Ezine’s new home at http://voice-in-the-dark.com

For the past 3 years the ezine had been sent to subscribers via email, but since it kept growing and growing, we decided that perhaps it should have its own website.

I’m still relatively new at web design so I’d love your feedback.

We welcome articles, reviews, guest columns, etc.


In this issue…

Interview with Children’s Author Donna McDine, author of The Golden Pathway
Interview with Judith Graves, author of Under My Skin
“FTC Regulations and What They Mean to You–the Reviewer,” by Mayra Calvani
“Secrets for Your Success: Goal Setting Tips for Writers,” by Suzanne Lieurance, the Working Writer’s Coach
The Writer’s Corner, by Anne K. Edwards
The Writing Life, by Irene Roth
Whodunit, by Billie Williams
Seedlings, Aaron Lazar
Short Fiction
“It Happened in Kansas,” by Anne K. Edwards
“A Ming and a Prayer,” by Lad Moore
Book Reviews
Shattered, by Kathi Baron
The Golden Pathway, by Donna McDine
Eat the Cookies, Buy the Shoes, by Joyce Meyer

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