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ImageTroy Lambert began his writing life at a very young age, penning the as yet unpublished George and the Giant Castle at age six. He grew up in Southern Idaho, and after many adventures including a short stint in the US Army and a diverse education, Troy returned to Idaho, but the north end of the state this time, where he currently resides.

Troy works as a freelance writer and researcher by night, and the Museum Operations Specialist and Head of Research at the Wallace District Mining museum by day. He truly loves to write dark, psychological thrillers and released Broken Bones, a collection of his short stories, last September to great acclaim and with reasonable success. His new thriller Redemption is available now.

Troy lives with his wife of eleven years, two of his five children and two very talented dogs. He is a skier, cyclist, hiker, fisherman, hunter, and a terrible beginning golfer. He is currently working on the sequel to Redemption, tentatively titled Confession.

He can be found at www.troylambertwrites.com and his blog at www.troylambertwrites.com/blog.

About Redemption:

What do prison and church have in common? In both places you can learn of your need for redemption. You can even determine to right the wrongs you have done: you can determine to redeem yourself. However, true Redemption is not found inside the walls of a church or a prison. Sometimes you have to go farther and do more to find it than you ever imagined.

Redemption is a dark psychological thriller that tells the story of an ex-con turned attorney, an insane man with a secret addiction, and a marriage spoiled by poor choices.

Samuel Elijah Johnson seeks to overcome his past by educating himself in prison. He graduates law school but has no clue what to do next until a fellow prisoner plants an idea in his mind.

Arthur Creed was raised in a strict evangelical church by militantly religious parents. He hides a secret addiction and a secret insanity. His sins come face to face with the rules ingrained into his memory by his parents.

ImageRandy Peterson wants desperately to do the right thing, to be the kind of hero he feels his family deserves. He especially wants to convince his wife’s parents that he’s “good enough” for their daughter.

Things spin out of control. Their worlds all collide with a monumental crash. In the end, can any of them find Redemption?

What was your inspiration for Redemption?

The inspiration for Redemption came from the motivation of the characters. I asked myself what they were all seeking. The simple answer was Redemption.

Tell us something about Sam, your protagonist.

Sam is the real hero of the story. He is a likable guy because he is just like all of us. It is clear from the beginning of the book that he has made mistakes. It is also clear that he wants to make things right. What makes us keep reading is wondering how he is going to do that.

Is there a villain in your story?

One of my favorite parts of this story is that it is not clear from the start who the villain is. For a large part of the book you wonder just who you should root for. While I was writing I wasn’t sure which character’s side to be on.

Who is your favorite character in the book and why?

One of my favorite characters is Arthur’s mother. She is not my favorite because I like her; I despise her and those who are like her. However I sympathize with her in many ways, and in her I see parts of my own upbringing.

What is your favorite scene in the book? Why?

One of my favorite scenes is a dream Sally has of Sam in a very biblical scene. It is a turning point for her and an insight for the reader into his character.

What do you love most about being an author?

My favorite part about being an author is the chance to tell stories. I love to make characters come to life and draw the reader in to “my world.” 

Is there anything else you’d like to tell my readers?

The last thing I would say to your readers is that my favorite part of this book has been the reaction of those who have read it. Invariably I get the “Oh my God, I never expected that,” which makes me happy but I also get feedback that lets me know they got the point of the story and why it was written. That makes me happiest of all.

Author’s twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/authortroy

Author’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Troy-Lambert/191932724173411

Link to excerpt: http://www.troylambertwrites.com/Novel-Excerpt.php

Link to purchase page: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007Q6R3MY

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