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I am looking forward to the release of my children’s picture book and all the promoting and marketing that will bring. As far as writing projects go I have a series of books for first grade readers about Charlie and Wes and learning first aid. They get into all kinds of trouble and yes, blood may show up on the page.

I also am working on a project for third graders that includes reading, math, and learning how to research history, people, and places in their community. I also am polishing a prayer book manuscript for kids that I pitched to a publisher at a recent online conference.

I continue to write nursing and medical articles for several online sites. I do medical fact checking for two online sites and I am the blog editor for Stories for Children Publishing’s blog at http://familiesmatter2us.blogspot.com. I recently became involved in the art and illustration part of writing for children and will be working with the team at My Light Magazine.

My major writing tasks move me towards more publishing. I am looking to find a publisher interested in The ABC’s books that I am working on as sequels to The ABC’s of Cancer According to Lilly Isabella Lane. My passion continues to be fiction for children with real life topics written in an entertaining way. Kids learn more if they are having fun.

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Terri Forehand is a nurse, wife, mom, grandmom, and freelance writer. She writes health related articles and both fiction and nonfiction for children and adults. The Cancer Prayer Book is her first in a series by Dreamwords Publishing. She has a picture book, The ABC’s of Cancer According to Lilly Isabella Lane due out this year with Inkspotter Publishing. She writes from her rural home in Indiana. You can learn more by visiting her website at www.terriforehand.webnode.com or her blog for writers at http://terri-forehand.blogspot.com

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