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When I initially started writing “In All Things”, it was simply a way for me to try and process the grief of going through miscarriage. Later as I began to expand into other trials our family had gone through, I realized the pattern of God’s hand in all of it. My original intent was not to publish a book, however; when I had one person read it and then another, and another, the feedback was amazing! It was like a sense of urgency that the message within was something people needed to hear.  The writing process was very healing for me but the positive feedback that I received and the possibility others might and have already found healing as well was such a blessing that I knew I had to pursue getting this message out there for others. I am simply a real person with very real life issues and my desire is to share with others that they are not alone. My hope was also to help them possibly see a different way of looking at life’s trials. Since the publishing of this book, I have had inspiration for another book to be a second in the “In All Things” series. The next one will be “In all things; Expect A Miracle” which is about an amazing two years going through my dad’s cancer journey with him. Since the publishing, I have been asked to speak at a few local events and my desire is to be able to do that more. I feel that when you can share your story in person, it can touch people more deeply.  At one of events where I shared my story, there was a lady in the audience that was healed instantly from the pain she was suffering for two years! I would love the opportunity to see others find that same healing and freedom to live again.

About the book: 

ImageIn All Things is a witty and raw account of an otherwise normal life filled with incredible challenges that will make you laugh out loud and cry tears of joy and tears of sorrow. You will share in one woman’s spiritual journey through raising a difficult child, longing for a baby only to be told it is not possible and then to experience God’s intervention and devastating loss. Learn how one miraculous encounter with God created an unshakeable faith that would later give her the strength to face the near death of her oldest daughter.

About the Author:

Laura works as a medical coding and reimbursement specialist in Northern Minnesota. She spent her youth on a small dairy farm in Northeast Minnesota. She was married two weeks after her high school graduation. Three years and two children later, she was facing divorce and single parenthood. She moved to a college town in north central MN where she hoped to earn a degree and make a life for her and her two young daughters. There she met and married the love of her life. Together they embarked on a life together as a ready-made family facing all the challenges that comes with it. They had no idea that the life experiences they walked through early on and one life altering event would prepare them for the ultimate challenge, the possible death of their daughter.

Author’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InAllThings 
Author’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/LauraMStorrs

Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4KBlLlBXhQ

Link to Purchase:  http://www.halopublishing.com/bookstore/Laura-Smith

Follow Laura’s tour here: http://tinyurl.com/77nwvdt 

Also available at all major online book sellers.


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