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1 counselor dynamite starr 2Starr Burgess’ journey to become an author began as a school counselor in 2008, when she had the opportunity to work with students in Pflugerville, Texas. She learned that a lot of students had difficulty in the areas of conflict/resolution, problem solving, and boundaries. As a result, she began writing stories that were fun but instilled and reinforced positive character traits. Since children love super heroes, Burgess decided to create the first superhero of schools, Counselor Dynamite.

“Counselor Dynamite represents counselors everywhere, whether their workplace is in schools, private practices, agencies, or non-for-profits,” states Burgess. “Counselor Dynamite is more than just a character, the name is a reminder of how important our responsibilities and services are to our students, children, adults, families, and colleagues. Counselors wear many hats in the operation of schools, many hats that people don’t see but experience as the fruit of their labor.”

Burgess describes herself as a somewhat disciplined writer who prefers the spontaneity of being in the moment. Her favorite place to write is in her living room by the window. For her, the greatest challenge wasn’t to write the book but how to market it, something that many writers can relate to. Since the release of her book, she’s been actively promoting it via conferences, readings and signings in book stores, schools, social media, and an online book promotion company.  “It’s going very well,” says Burgess, who really enjoys meeting people and hearing about their ministries and journeys.

1 counselor dynamite“I can’t express the joy and gratitude that I feel each and every day that I wake up and begin a new day, my quest to serve others,” states Burgess, who now has her own ministry. “We as counselors advocate hope, encouragement, and change each and every day.” Burgess never envisioned that writing children’s books, lessons plans and activities, and a counseling product line would be her next endeavor, but it is certainly one this author is committed to. Her mission in every book is to re-energize the importance of the counselor’s role in schools everywhere.

Currently, the author is working on a book focusing on bullying that will be available in the fall, along with a supplemental guide which contains lessons plans and activities for children. She also has plans for more Counselor Dynamite books in the near future.

You can find out more about this author and the Counselor Dynamite series at www.counselordynamite.com.

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