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One of the reasons I love to write is that I have a hard time understanding myself. I know it sounds odd. After all, who would understand you better than you do? But to some people like me contemplating your navel just is not in the books. We have too much to do and learn and see of the outside world to spend time trying to reach our inner child. However that can sometimes mean that we have a difficult time sharing ourselves with others. After all, if you do not know what is going on inside how can you share yourself with another person?

Although some people recommend therapy or talking it out, I go by a different approach. I use writing to discover myself. At first this was quite accidental. I wrote fiction for fun in my off hours and slowly started to see a pattern in my stories. I could see how characters would react and through that I learned about different aspects of myself.

For example I wrote several stories in which the main character was thrown into difficult situations and used their mental abilities to figure out a solution. Similarly when I run into an issue in my life I try to come up with a strategy to deal with it independently rather than giving into emotion or trying to cooperate with others. My characters did a lot of planning and scheming and very little off the cuff reaction. It was an interesting insight to say the least.

This also translated into my romantic relationships. In my stories I could have characters enter into these complex relationships where neither of them really talked too much but they still managed to have strong and loving partnerships. After quite a bit of trial and error in my own life I realized I was looking for the wrong things in my relationships. When I changed my thinking and went for partners patterned after the ones I wrote I was much more successful in my search.

Beyond just fiction however I have found that keeping a journal every day, like 750words.com, has helped me to be able to process my emotions and get more in touch with my feelings. This has allowed me to become a more well rounded person and given me the ability to coherently share my likes and dislikes with others rather than distancing myself from them.

Before I started writing for self discovery I found it very hard to deal with my inner thoughts and feelings. However once I can see it out on paper, no matter how garbled or translated, I can begin to work on the issues that bother me and focus my energies on the positives. Although this might not be the best idea for everyone, it definitely works for me.

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