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Title: Gods of War

Genre: YA/Action Adventure

Author: Storm Kesocascay

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 112

Language: English

Format: Ebook

A long time ago, an ancient god sought to pool the powers of his brethren in order to create beauty out of chaos. He created the Divine Covenants, or Accords, which bound the gods’ powers together. They could have lived forever, peaceably and surrounded by paradise. However, one ancient god soon used the pooled powers for evil and was banished by his own son to eternal confinement.

Years later, in 1882 Atlantis Time, the continents still exist in the form of Pangaea—one huge, connected continent. The son who once banished his own father still lives as the god of war. His name is Arylos, and he has forgotten about his confined family foe—until he witnesses a suspicious murder in the midst of dreams. The murder turns out to be fact; someone has conjured Arylos’s father and died in the process.

Now, Aryas is back. He longs for power and revenge, against both his son and all of human kind. With the help of his Black Dog soldiers, Arylos must find a way to return his father to the grave. But does he have the strength to condemn his own father twice? The fate of Atlantis and all of reality is in Arylos’s hands, for if Pangea falls, so will reality, sucked into the dark madness of one power-hungry immortal.



Storm Kesocascay is a 16-year old teacher for the online website italki.com for Turkish, English and Japanese. His long-time dream was to become an author and a music artist.

Storm is a student at Parkview High School living in Springfield, Missouri.

Currently, he is still working on his debut album and finished his debut book “Gods of War” and is working on the second book “The Night and Day”.

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