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Being_Christian_Cover_Enhanced.As a young girl growing up in Ohio, I led a pretty idyllic life and was, for the most part, unaware of the vast array of religions and religious practices that have marked humankind. Later, as a college student in Louisiana, I became aware of the growing radicalization of religion in general and Christianity in particular. There was a lot of talk of End Times, Dominionism, and Christian Zionism; unfamiliar terms that would become all too familiar as they took their place in my widening religious vocabulary.

Years later, I would write Being Christian as a novelization, a satire and social commentary really of the real people and events that I saw as having too great an influence on our political system and public policy decisions. The central character of Being Christian is the young John Christian Hillcox. Christian is an amalgam of the many preachers I saw on television and in person. His rise to wealth and political power along with his many falls from grace play out in real life on a daily basis. From the mega-wealthy televangelists that we see every day, to the constant assaults on science and history curricula in public schools, to the War on Women, the long arm of religious extremism is always within reach.

Being Christian is the first novel since Elmer Gantry to deal with the dark side of American religion through story. I was inspired to write my novel because of a general frustration at the ignorance and lack of interest on the subject of religious extremism in the U.S. I felt that through fiction, I could expose the religious flim-flammery and hypocrisy that threaten to tear apart the American social and political fabric. Ultimately, my goal and my inspiration was to shine a bright light on the challenges we face to what should be our inviolable Constitutional religious/political divide.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Being Christian is a dark, psychological novel that provides a voyeuristic look at the sex, lies, violence and debauchery behind one pastor’s ascent in the world of today’s mega-churches. From life as an impoverished young man to the heady world of money and power, John Christian Hillcox, is a “man of religion” who justifies his sins, heedless of the devastation he wreaks upon his loved ones, his community, and the world.

AUTHOR BIO: K.C. Boyd grew up in Ohio and attended university in Louisiana. She is a first-time author and mother to three daughters and first-time grandmother.

AUTHOR WEBSITE: www.beingchristian.net

LINK TO PURCHASE PAGE: http://beingchristian.net/buy-the-book/

LINK TO VIDEO TRAILER: http://beingchristian.net/

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