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Mythos_medDavid Cooley and his two best friends travel to the Bahamas for Spring break. There, David meets Faren Sands, the mysteriously beautiful girl who soon mesmerizes him. He doesn’t know who or what she is, or the fact that being together with her could cost both their lives.

In spite of his friends’ warnings, David  dives not only into forbidden love but forbidden territory, and finds himself in the midst of war between the mer people and the sea demons as they fight for the legendary city of Atlantis. What’s more, the outcome could affect the human race as well.

Now, David and Faren must unite in order to save both their kinds.

Romance, action, adventure–this is what readers will find in Mythos! Talented debut author Heather McLaren spins a fascinating web that combines humans, the mer people, and the lost city of Atlantis. David and Faren are warm, sympathetic protagonists, and their forbidden love story is sweet, tragic, and compelling. McLaren pays an immense attention to detail, bringing to life the underwater world in full-blown, vivid detail. I think this is the best part of this book, the way the author created her detailed imaginative universe, with many characters, layers, and their conflicts. The battle scenes are exciting and well balanced–gripping and realistic, but not too graphic. If you’re a fan of mermaid stories, you’ll want to give this one a try!

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