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TitleThe Accidental Art Thief

Genre: General fiction

Author: Joan Schweighardt


Publisher: Twilight Times Books

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A woman called Zinc has spent a quarter of a century working for the same person and living in the same place when her employer’s sudden death makes it necessary for her to make a new life.  At the insistence of the former employer’s daughter, she leaves as soon as she can, taking with her one of the paintings from the old man’s collection.
The only place she can turn to for help is her brother’s home.  He does not welcome her so she must find a new job and place to live.  She finds she has lost a sheltered life and is faced with relearning lost skills to face her new world.
The Accidental Art Thief is a story that might appeal to readers who enjoy seeing how characters handle obstacles thrown in their path. Zinc finds herself facing a variety of them as she takes those first steps in her new life.
Reviewed by guest reviewer Anne K. Edwards

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