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Nine Month Midnight by Marie Bacigalupo was a deeply compelling, at times heart-wrenching story, about grief and the desperate need of a mother to reunite with her dead child. Since losing her four-year old precious daughter to cancer a year ago, Dolores Walsh has been living in limbo, like a zombie.

After a suicide attempt, she’s prompted by her husband Joe to seek the help of a psychiatrist to treat her depression. Then at a bereavement group she meets Sal Esperanza, a charismatic psychic who claims he has the power to channel the dead. Though Dolores is sceptical at first, she soon becomes intensely fixated with the idea of speaking with her daughter’s spirit.
Although Joe is against the idea and warns her that Sal is a con man after money, nothing derails Dolores from attending his seances. Is Sal, indeed, a fraud…or is he the real thing and the only person who can make her only desire in life possible?
A novella, I read Ninth-Month Midnight in one sitting and couldn’t put it down. The story moves at a fast pace, with Dolores’ desperation being transmitted to the reader so that we feel all her grief and obsession. What could be worse for a mother than losing her child?
Most women will relate to Dolores’ predicament and sympathize with her actions, even though they might not approve of all of them. Bacigalupo writes with an economy of words that is sometimes gritty, letting the action speak for the characters. Ultimately, this is a story of hope and one I was very glad to have read. Highly recommended!
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I’m Glad That I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through

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My TesstimonySYNOPSIS

Each of us has a journey to go through in life. For some, that path seems easy, and everything in the lives of these blessed ones seems to fall into place effortlessly. For others, the path to a happy, successful life is paved with struggle and hardship.

I am one of those who have had to struggle. I wrote this book not simply to gain your sympathy or to draw attention to my pain, but to encourage others who’ve had to walk the same difficult roads in their lives. God, our Creator, did not design us to suffer through lives of pain and hurt, but has a much more joyful and important purpose for each of us. Discovering this fact helped me turn the path of my life around 180 degrees!

Through reading along with my personal journey, I want others to discover the pursuit of hope. We can all use hope in our lives. Even the most affluent need hope, because there is always something inside that makes us feel bad, and we can all identify with feeling bad.

The good news is that in taking this journey with me, you’ve already begun the healing process. Together, with healed hearts and a newfound sense of purpose, we can go on to inspire and motivate others. Our lives can and do make a difference. With the help of our loving God, we can decrease the struggle and hardship in our own lives and the lives of others and increase the joy!




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Contessa T. Walker – Jackson lives by the mantras “can’t give up now” and “there’s nothing too hard for God.” Tess is the CEO & Owner of Exclusively By Tess, LLC, a fullservice event planning firm. Tess is also an entrepreneur, team builder, author, civic leader, product specialist, mentor, visionary, mastermind, speaker, educator, and new blog series – Tessology Tuesdays. She has worked behind the scenes at the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards and BET Hip Hop Awards, just to name a few. Tess holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, a Master of Arts in Educational Administration and Supervision, a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education, and is a Certified Specialist in Event & Party Planning. In addition, Tess is the Founder & Owner of Teacher’s PETS Inc., a non-profit organization founded in 2008. Tess started a K-12 Academy (Teacher’s PETS Academy), which provided one-on-one instruction using the A.C.E. Curriculum. It hosted students that could not excel in the regular classroom setting, whether it was the public or the private sector; it was designed for the student who needed the special one-onone instruction and boost. Teacher’s PETS Inc. is an organization and it collaborates with partner corporations to raise funds and organize volunteer work for helping provide children who experience extreme economic and domestic hardship with financial and education support. In addition, to sponsor and support hunger relief programs and to provide educational camps and workshops. Tess continues to fuel her passions and ambition as the published author of My TESStimony, through which she portrays her journey as a business-woman, wife, mother and lover of life. The book’s universal mandate is that “a virtuous woman is a woman of strength”—which supports her own ventures as an entrepreneur, civic leader and mentor to many. Tess is also the author of The Royal Experience – Everyday Etiquette & Modern Day CourTESSy. This syllabus/book was created to help launch poised, polished, and elegant young ladies into a successful pattern for life. Tess is also a product specialist and currently has a perfume line, Impress with Tess, which celebrates youth and femininity in its top notes that bring the aquatic nuances with pure and sharp notes of water lily, apple, freshly-sweet mandarin, and apricot. Tess’ next mission is to build a private dream school (Child Development Center & K-12 Academy) that will allow students free tuition, as well as Teacher’s PETS Inc. Performing Arts Theater, a 1,500-seat facility open to all as a venue to host plays, concerts, conferences, seminars, and formal training. Furthermore, she is looking to launch a banquet hall under her own banner, as the Exclusively By Tess Event Center; along with the Teacher’s PETS Academy Family Life Center.

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