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Like most writers I’ve talked to, I’m notoriously finicky when it comes to putting pen to paper. As a perfectionist, it’s so much easier to daydream about a story than to actually put in the work to realize it, because I tend to edit as I draft. I might sit down for a day’s worth of writing and only get a few hundred words out. They’re a solid few hundred words, absolutely—and it makes a second pass much easier, if I can eventually follow through and finish the first one.

I have a Word document filled with story ideas and various plot treatments for each. And for the longest time, my short story The Raven Bride was one of those ideas. That is, until my creative writing course in college rolled around. With a course description that was nothing more than read short stories and write your own, I knew this would be the incentive I needed to actually write the thing. Because, with a deadline, I can’t afford to be a perfectionist. Not at first. Get it all out and then tweak away until the deadline hits. And that’s exactly what I did. I’m eternally grateful to Ed Gleason and my writing buddies that encouraged me during the course.

The Raven Bride was originally inspired by a more robust project that I wanted to write, taking a look at a world where the protagonist Victoria returned following the events that transpire in the short story. Time wouldn’t allow for that (yet), so I focused on what happened in more detail than I’d originally planned. But as the years have passed since first penning these words, I’ve come to realize that Victoria’s plight is one that many Christians have suffered over the centuries: persecution for different beliefs, not from the outside world, but from within their religious circle. It’s something that I myself have witnessed, something that’s happened to me, and more than likely something I’ve done.

And while Victoria’s ultimate reaction might not be the way people should handle such persecution, it serves as a reminder that the words we use have lasting consequences and can lead to some undesirable outcomes. The words that I’ve penned, I hope, can bring some awareness to this issue and help those better understand what is going on in the Christian world—and perhaps help someone trapped in an abusive church realize what is happening to them.

The Raven Bride 2017 Cover- High Resolution

About the book:

The year is 1692, and sixteen year old Victoria Crowe lives with her mother and sister just north of Salem, Massachusetts. One night, Victoria’s mother leaves under mysterious pretenses, putting Victoria in charge of the house. Hours later, Victoria is woken from her slumber by a pounding on the door—the local deputies have come to arrest them as witches! It is up to Victoria to prove both her and her sister’s innocence—an impossible task for anyone, let alone someone who is still trying to wrap her mind around the sermons the Reverend preaches. Will she be able to convince the town that they are not evil? And if she fails, what happens to her and her sister?

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Author’s bio:

Sean can’t remember a time when he wasn’t telling stories. When he was little, he’d pen simple, thirty-page “novels” about spies and superheroes, and although his works have gotten longer and more complex in the years since, he’s just as enamored with the written word as he was then. His current list of published works includes a novel, two short stories, and more on the way. When he’s not writing for fun, he’s writing for work, providing commentary for NASCAR websites and writing content for the world’s official SAP publisher, SAP PRESS. You can follow Sean on Twitter @TheWriterSean.

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