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smokecover1Writing is a rush, like leaping from an airplane without an anvil. Writing this book provided a special rush. Inspiration and ideas for writing Smoke grew over a period of time. I finally had to let the ideas stain the paper (or computer screen) like blood from a head wound. The characters created the story. I began with the characters locked in an unexpected kiss; they took over the story from there. The characters kept pressing forward, urging me to write their story. Naturally, I had to make some decisions, add additional characters, imagine scenes, and decide the ultimate conclusion. Although the characters drove the story, they didn’t write it themselves. Fictional characters have a remarkably poor work ethic in that respect.

As often happens, life intervened. I had to set aside Smoke about half way through so that I could fulfill my obligation on another project—Finding Jack: The Orb. I returned to writing Smoke as soon as I could. It has been a delightful ride. I think of Smoke like chocolate chip mint ice cream: The chocolate chips are reminiscent of My Favorite Brunette; the mint flavor is a bit like The Maltese Falcon.

Here’s part of the blurb:

She walked in hotter and sweeter than a peppermint candy cane covered in white phosphorus. She had my attention and held it like a pup in a steel trap. I had never enjoyed a trap more. There was just one problem. She wanted me to find her husband.
She was the first woman to complicate my life that day. She wouldn’t be the last. The investigation soon took a sudden turn, just like the quarry road where her husband’s car didn’t. He challenged gravity and came in second. Was it murder or suicide? Was it a business rival, or the mob? Were they after the secret Nazi diamonds her husband had liberated at the end of the war? Either way, I had to walk carefully to avoid joining him on the wrong side of the grass.



Stanley Wheeler lives and works in Idaho. Smoke is his third novel available on Amazon. He enjoys reading, writing, hiking and motorcycling. He can also be found on occasion dressed in borrowed clothes performing at the community theater.

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