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Title: The Prison Planet Handbook
Author: Denis Goodwin
Publisher: XLibris
Genre: Reference
Format: Ebook



Who are we, and where did we come from? When we turn to the information provided to us, we find a mud pool of possibilities. Is this intended to subvert our built-in guidance systems? We also discover that people who are adept at researching big-picture science are offered special jobs conditional on being sworn to secrecy. What is behind this strategy? Sometimes, the reality prescribed to us doesn’t fit with or explain what we experience. So if you too know something is not quite right, wonder what else is out there, what the bigger picture is, who benefits with us excluded from it, and are ready for changes on earth, the bottom line is here.



I found this book to be very interesting and engaging. Who hasn’t questioned where they came from and what we are? This book lays out different possibilities, ones that I haven’t read before. Did I agree with everything the author said? I am not sure, there is just a lot of things to digest. But, if you are looking for some different viewpoints on our life here, you should check out this book.


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