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Our guest today is Devon Greene, author of UNNATURAL, Book One of the Erica Rosen MD Trilogy. Deven lives in the San Francisco Bay area. Ever since childhood, Deven has been interested in science.  After working as a biochemist, she went back to school and became a pathologist.  When writing fiction, the author usually incorporates elements of medicine or science. Deven has penned several short stories. Unnatural is the first novel the author has published.

Would you call yourself a born writer?

Yes, I was a born writer. That doesn’t mean it comes easily, though.

Unnatural by Deven Greene

What was your inspiration for Unnatural, Erica Rosen MD Trilogy Book 1?

I was forced to write this book the day I started, around two years ago. No, I wasn’t held at gunpoint, but the idea came in a flash, and I couldn’t suppress it. I was getting ready to start another novel, one I’d been thinking about for some time, when I felt compelled to write this novel, Unnatural, Eric Rosen MD Trilogy Book 1, about human embryonic stem cell gene editing. Being interested in all things science, especially medically-related science, I’d read quite a bit about CRISPR/Cas9 and genetic engineering, a real game-changer in medical research. I loved the idea of introducting the effect of a genetic change by way of a Chinese girl with blue eyes. To use that in a thriller, I needed to think of a nefarious use for this technology. The novel took off from there.

How long did it take you to complete the novel?

I finished the first draft in around eight months. It took more than a year after that to actually get it into print.

What do you feel is one of the most exciting parts of your book?

I don’t want to divulge anything that takes place late in the book, so I’ll mention something that happens fairly early on. I think the event that leads the protagonist, Dr. Erica Rosen, to realize someone is trying to murder a child in order to cover something up is very tense. How’s that for describing a plot point without saying too much?

What other genres have you thought about writing? What genres would you personally never consider writing?

I’ve thought about writing mysteries, which is close to the thriller/suspense genre I write in. I can’t see myself writing horror. I like to put people on the edge of their seats, but I don’t want to give them a heart attack.

What do you love most about being an author?

I love being in control of the storyline. Maybe that means I’m a control freak. I also enjoy the feeling of finishing that first draft.

What’s next for you?

I’m planning to travel to Mars. Just kidding. I get all the adventure I need through my characters. Right now, I’m finishing up my second novel in the Erica Rosen MD Trilogy, titled Unwitting. It is due to be published in October 2021. There is still a lot to be done—cover design, final editing, etc. Next, I will work on completing the third installment of the trilogy.

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