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J.W. Baccaro is the author of Prophecy of the Guardian, The Coming of the Light and Blood Dreams. Always a lover of creativity, from works of literature to writing music with his electric guitar; even baking and cooking. When not working on his next story or lost in a good book, J.W. enjoys kicking back with a couple of tasty craft beers and binging on Kaiju movies, 80’s action flicks, Japanese animation and slasher films (particularly the one involving a hockey mask). Heck, he even enjoys a good romantic comedy. Feel free to email him at jwbaccaro@yahoo.com. He lives in upstate NY with his wife Melissa, his son Alexander, his German Shepherd and his three cats.




Would you call yourself a born writer?

Probably more of a born creator. I love creating stories, writing my own music with my electric guitar, and I even love cooking and baking. I created my own style of ice cream pies that everyone seems to love. One of my favourite foods is also a creation of mine, spaghetti squash lasagna. It’s loaded with my own blend of spices, a good quality tomato sauce, freshly shredded mozzarella, pepperoni and ricotta cheese! Don’t knock it until you try it! 😊

What was your inspiration for Prophecy of the Guardian?

The inspiration comes from…well see…creative writing has always been a love of mine. I never had much interest in sports or automobiles. Sure, I know a little bit, but I couldn’t tell you the names of famous quarterbacks or talk for hours about rebuilding an engine block. Creativity has always been my thing in both literature and music. Inspired by authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis (to name a few), I too decided I wanted to create my own vivid world within the imagination…and on paper of course.


I didn’t look around at what genre was most popular in hopes to make a quick buck. I just wanted to write a story that I personally would love to read. A story with not only tons of action and warrior battles, but also filled with heavy emotion. A world where you feel like you’ve made friends with the characters and are a bit sad when the book comes to an end. You miss them!

I’ve always loved classic Good versus Evil tales. True they are a dime a dozen, filled with similar tropes and sometimes a bit cliché. You know, light versus darkness, one chosen character to rid the world of this monstrous evil, magical items, etc. etc. However, just when you think you’ve read something like this before, as soon as you’re enveloped into the story, you see how the tale carries its own uniqueness. Of course, there will be similarities, I can find that in just about every bestselling epic fantasy/sci-fi I read, but each story carries its own flair.

I love when a villain or even a hero begins to question their path, wondering if the task they are trying to accomplish is the right thing to do. Perhaps the Light has a point? Perhaps the Darkness has a point, and looking a little deeper, maybe, just maybe the Light (or whom we call our heroes), isn’t so perfect after all. Besides, all of us know the world is far beyond mere black and white. So, I took all my thoughts, likes and influences and molded them together and out came my book Prophecy of the Guardian: Book One, Guardian Trilogy.

How long did it take you to complete the novel?

Nearly a decade. So much changed within the story as time went on…

What do you feel is one of the most exciting parts of your book?

The battles, the suspense of what will happen next? And even the emotional parts, death scenes, slight romantic scenes and transformation of one’s self.

What other genres have you thought about writing? What genres would you personally never consider writing?

Urban fantasy. I also currently write dark erotica and paranormal thrillers. I’d never right a western cowboy novel, just like (no offense here) I’d never write country music with my guitar. It’s the epitimy of boring, in my opinion. But that’s what is beautifull about all us creators, so much to choose from.

What do you love most about being an author?

I love the character floating around in my head, me knowing they’re there, and most of them friends. Don’t fret, it’s not like I talk to them as imaginary friends, ha! But it’s nice having your own created world. Especially when another individua loves your world and characters.

What’s next for you?

A dark erotica/dark fantasy tale titled Tree of Damnation. This story takes place half a century after my Guardian trilogy ends with Piercing the Darkness.

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