Silk HighRes (2)Title: Silk

Genre: Thriller

Author: Chris Karlsen

Website: www.chriskarlsen.com

Publisher: Books to Go Now

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Any reader who enjoys a good mystery with a good dose of sex added will find Silk a tale they will want to read. While some scenes are more explicit than others, they do not detract from the mystery. The plot contains many facets and the reader must pay attention as they read to follow the story as it develops.
Talented author Chris Karlsen has crafted a story that shows how a self-centered wealthy man of the Victorian English era entangles himself in a habit that has disastrous consequences for many others as well. Verging on middle age and fearful of losing his youth he becomes interested in a strange formula he finds hidden in a book. To learn the secret, one must read the book.
The characters move through well described scenes, leading the reader on a twisting path into the hidden recesses of human nature where secrets await discovery by the reader.  These glimpses into human nature show realism at its best, lifting the characters into a lifelike status as they try to find satisfaction in life.
The reader will find Inspector Rudyard Bloodstone to their liking as he and his associate attempt to solve more than one murder case. Along the way, he allows the reader to see his humanity.
Silk will have readers looking for more adventures of Inspector Bloodstone by this imaginative author.  Recommended as an interesting, fun read for any mystery fan who likes that touch of Silk. Enjoy. I did.
Anne K. Edwards, author & guest reviewer

We’re thrilled to be hosting Joni Parker and her new fantasy/action adventure series, The Seaward Isle Saga!


Title: The Black Elf of Seaward Isle
Author: Joni Parker
Publisher: Village Green Press, LLC
Pages: 330
Genre: Fantasy/Action Adventure
Format: Paperback/Kindle

On the mysterious Seaward Isle, Alex, the young daughter of Count Dumwalt, escapes Wizard Mylar’s attack on her father’s fortress with the help of two men, Hamlin and Tyrone, who take her to her brother in the village of Nyla. Disguised as a boy to stay at the SwordAcademy with her brother, she learns of the death of her parents and vows to avenge their deaths. At the same time, a witch on the far side of the island predicts the rise of the Black Elf, the only person with the power to kill a wizard.

Meanwhile, Alex’s stay at the academy is cut short when the headmistress arranges her adoption by a Scinthian Scout, an Amazon warrior and her Dwarf companion. When her adoptive mother is killed in a pirate attack, Alex returns home to Nyla where Tyrone, now the Governor, takes her in as his ward as he accepts a cadre of Scinthian soldiers for training to restore their decimated Army. Since Alex can speak their language, she becomes a training liaison, leading to her selection as an elite soldier and assassin known as a tracker. Her first mission succeeds beyond all expectations and results in her selection as a training officer for the Scinthians, still involved in an extensive training program.

Upon assignment to a remote border outpost, Alex discovers evidence of foul play—eight missing soldiers. As she attempts to uncover the mystery, she meets with resistance and skepticism, but she leads a mission to save them. As she basks in her glory, the wizard shows up to seek revenge on Governor Tyrone, forcing Alex to intervene.

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Book Excerpt:

They arrived at the Governor’s house and were shown to his large parlor. When the Governor appeared, they saluted him, and he, in turn, saluted back. He wrapped his arms around Alex and gave her a big warm hug.

“How are you, Alex?”

“I’m doing well, Governor. It’s good to see you. You’re looking well.”

“I am well. Have you seen your brother recently?”

“Not recently. A few months ago, he challenged me to a sword match, and when I beat him fairly, he accused me of cheating. He told me that I wasn’t his sister anymore, and he wished I had never returned.”

Tyrone was dismayed by this news. “Well, I shall speak to him and explain that he can’t disown his own sister, even if she beats him at swords. Now, for the business at hand, Alex, I want you to accompany me on a trip next month. We’ll go to Agana and visit Agamon, the King, and his brother, Pashamon, in Pashkina. This will be an official visit where we’ll represent the Kingdom of Northeast Forest and our King, Lord Ellsworth. You’ll be listed as my thirteen-year-old ward, Lady Alexin.”

“I’m fourteen,” Alex said.

“When did that happen?” He stared at her.

“At the spring solstice a few weeks ago.”

“Well, happy birthday. You should have said something. At any rate, this will provide you an opportunity to visit another land, but you’ll also aid me as a secretary. I’ll need help in recording the visit, keeping the itinerary, and so on. In addition, you’ll aid with security. Major Dano will be my security advisor. I believe he’s a friend of Major Jonnbo’s. True, Major?”

“Yes, Governor.” He bowed his head slightly. “I know him well.”

“Major Dano is expecting you, and he’ll explain the trip in greater detail. Now off with you, I have other appointments.” Tyrone gave Alex another big hug and left the room.

Alex glanced at Colonel Penser in distress. “Can Mistress Penser help me with the right clothes to wear?”

“Let’s meet with Major Dano to find out what you’ll need.” The Colonel chuckled.

Alex was flattered that the Governor would take her on such an important mission. What she didn’t know was that he had been planning this for several months. The King had ordered him to visit Agana to assess pirate activity in the south. Governor Tyrone had expressed his confidence that Agamon had the city of Agana under control, but didn’t know anything about Pashamon or Pashkina. The King had strongly recommended that he take his wife with him to socialize with the women and find out what they knew. The Governor saw no reason to marry someone just for the sake of this trip, so he told Colonel Penser to prepare Alex instead. She was almost ready.

Title: Tangled Omens
Author: Joni Parker
Publisher: Village Green Press, LLC
Pages: 320
Genre: Fantasy/Action Adventure
Format: Paperback/Kindle

Alex, now an experienced soldier and proven tracker, goes undercover to learn the fate of a pirate leader. As she conducts her investigation in the market, she has her fortune read by the famous Witches of Winden, renown fortunetellers. Unimpressed, she’s about to leave when a man barges into the tent demanding his fortune be read. Alex observes and notices similarities to hers–their omens seem entangled, but she dismisses it as coincidence. However, she learns that he’s the Horseman, the most dangerous pirate spy on Seaward Isle and wanted for treason by her King. Although she attempts to follow him, he sails away on a ship.

When she returns home, she reports the incident to Governor Tyrone who tasks her to find and kill him or die trying, her first tracker mission. Although she doesn’t know his real name, she’s the only one who can recognize him. His trail leads her north, deep into the pirate stronghold of Riverton, her first solo mission.

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Book Excerpt:

By the time Alex got to the street, he was a block ahead of her. She saw him trot up to a large house with a lot of carriages and people in front. Two girls from Mistress Clarisse’s house passed by in long elegant dresses, holding the arms of handsome young men who wore black top hats. They smiled and laughed at her as they strutted by. One of the girls turned back to Alex and giggled. Alex realized they were laughing at her. She stared at her clothes and wondered if she should go back to change into a dress, but she returned her attention to her quarry. Where did he go?

Alex had lost sight of the Horseman in the crowd, but soon noticed him at the entrance of the house where he was greeted and welcomed. She stood in place, uncertain what to do next.

A man grabbed her arm and put his horse’s reins in her hand. “Take care of my horse, will you?” He put a coin in her hand and rushed off towards the house.

Alex stared at the horse and didn’t know what to do with it. On the other side of the street, Noel had another horse so she pulled it over to him.


“Where did you get that horse?”

“I was just standing on the street watching everyone, and a man put his reins in my hand and asked me to take care of him. He must have thought I was a stable boy. I don’t know what to do with him.” She petted the horse on the nose.

“I’ll take him. Let me this one in and come back.” Noel laughed.

When he returned, Alex gave him the horse. “Here you should have this, too.” She gave him the brassie the man had given her.

“Thanks,” he said. “If you want to earn a brassie, go up to the kitchen, and help them. They need extra help tonight.”

“I think I will. Where do I go?”

Noel pointed to the open door at the back of the large house. “The Governor’s celebrating his new home. All the rich people are here.”

Title: Blood Mission
Author: Joni Parker
Publisher: Village Green Press, LLC
Pages: 323
Genre: Fantasy/Action Adventure
Format: Paperback/Kindle

While on leave from the army, Alex visits her cousin, Prince Darin of the Water Elves, and arrives in time to thwart an assassination attempt ordered by the rogue Elf Mellen. Although weakened by poison, the Prince assigns Alex a Blood Mission to kill Mellen. However, Alex finds the Elf elusive as he organizes and trains his pirates to take over the harbor at Agana, the best deep water port on the island.

At the same time, Alex must deal with Colonel Jeffrey, a handsome young man determined to marry her for her inheritance. Alex rejects his advances and faces his wrath, becoming the target of several murderous plots. Unfortunately, her path to success includes Colonel Jeffrey as she needs him and his soldiers to stop the Elf Mellen before he takes over and destroys the fragile civilization on the island.

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Book Excerpt:

After she left Colonel Penser, Alex marched up to Major Jonnbo’s bedroom and knocked on the door. When he didn’t answer the door, she pounded on it harder and shouted at him.

“It’s too early.” Major Jonnbo yawned. “Come on in, Alex.”

“Colonel Penser wants to talk to us.”

“I’ll get dressed.” He sat up in bed, yawning and rubbed his head. He stretched his arms and stood up. “So, what’s going on?” He opened the wardrobe, grabbing some clean clothes.

“The Commandant gave me a new mission to kill the Elf Mellen. Isn’t it a little late to be sleeping?” Alex turned around while he put his clothes on.

“That Elf again? You’re an Elf, aren’t you? You can use your Elfness and locate him that way, can’t you? I don’t know much about them.” He put on his boots.

“Elfness?” Alex wrinkled her brow.

“You know, Elf stuff. Weird stuff.”

“I’m not very good at that. I don’t know how to do it like the Elves, but I can hear what they say when they Elfspeak.”

“What is that Elfspeak stuff anyway?”

“They can talk to each other with their thoughts. It sounds just like a normal conversation, but it’s private. They just don’t know I can hear them. It’s a little weird. I’m still learning how to use it.”

“When did the Commandant get here?”

“He’s not here–I saw him at the Regiment before I left.” Alex pointed over her shoulder with her thumb. “I think he wants to see me dead.”

“It’s his job to assign tough missions to the best tracker, Alex. And that’s you. Let’s go.” Major Jonnbo pushed her out the door.

About the Author:

Joni Parker was born in Chicago, Illinois, but left the windy city at an early age when her family moved to Japan. Upon return to the United States, her family moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she graduated from CamelbackHigh School and began college. However within months, Joni quit college and joined the Navy where she became a Photographer’s Mate. After 3 years in the Navy, she returned to college and got married. She got a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and an MBA before she returned to the Navy. As a Commissioned Officer, Joni attended the US Army Command and General Staff College, completing a Master of Military Arts and Sciences Degree. She retired from the Navy with over 22 years of service and spent several years traveling the United States in a motorhome with her husband. When he died unexpectedly, Joni returned to work for the federal government in a civil service job. Five years ago, she started writing and retired once more to devote more time to her new passion. She currently lives in Texas.

Her latest fantasy books are The Black Elf of Seaward Isle, Tangled Omens and Blood Mission.

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Title: Two Brothers

Author: C. (Mike) Dunaway

Publisher: Trafford

Pages: 296

Genre: Romance

Format: Paperback/Kindle/Hardcover

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The story is about two brothers, fraternal twins. They move to California from Oklahoma with their parents in 1871 in an exchange of properties with a friend in Oklahoma and settle in on a three-hundred-acre ranch. They are attacked by three escapees from Yuma state prison who murdered their parents. For the next fifteen years, they would attempt to hunt down these killers and seek revenge. The boys are not gunslingers, but they grow up to be tough on survival. However, they don’t spend their time chasing ghosts; they do many things. One of the boys works on the ranch of a man that takes them in, and the other works at the Emporium, also owned by the rancher. They go through many trials in their search.


I challenged myself to write a western and found it rather simple with a little research. I’ve written five unpublished books; perhaps I will get around to publishing them in the future. Four are fiction books. One is autobiographical; however, I embellished a trifle to make it more interesting. The other three are in sequence. Book three follows up where two left off; however, book four has it own story line with most of the same characters.

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Title: Red Stick One

Author: Kenneth Kirkeby

Publisher: K. Kirkeby

Pages: 272

Genre: Adventure/Thriller

Format: Kindle/Paperback

When senior wildlife officer, Tom Jay Harding, is murdered in the field the half-Indian boy he raised, now grown and also a wildlife officer, takes off his badge to embark on a cross-country search for the killer.

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Red Stick One is available at Amazon.

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 Kenneth Kirkeby has written for national outdoor magazines for over 20 years. His first novel, The Tournament, was published in 1996. He served in the Marine Corps and lives in North Texas. Red Stick One is his second novel.

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Title: Apex

Author: Aer-ki Jyr

Publisher: Harper Voyage Impulse

Pages: 368

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Format: Kindle

A new dawn is coming.

It’s been eons since Humans controlled the universe, after their defeat by a mysterious enemy. With their downfall came a virtual dark age in which culture and technology stagnated. But now trade is once again flourishing as Human artifacts resurface throughout the galaxy, resurrecting long-forgotten advancements.

And one such discovery may very well alter the course of the future forever.

An epic space adventure, Aer-ki Jyr’s Apex is a breathless race to the ultimate prize, with the very fate of the stars hanging in the balance.

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Aer-ki Jyr is a scifi author with a writing style that crosses over many genres, culminating in giant story arcs deserving of the ‘epic’ label.

His ongoing independently published Star Force series takes an unusual approach in that it is broken up into novella ‘episodes’ similar in structure to a TV series, with each being around 20,000 – 30,000 words long and occurring in sequential order. The series(with 100 episodes planned) begins in the near future then jumps sporadically down the timeline, making for an atypical storytelling approach that has already seen over 25,000 sales.

Coming in April, 2015, Jyr joins the HarperCollins author ranks with his first professionally published novel “Apex” that will begin another huge space saga with a long series of novels planned.

Stonehill Downs banner 2

Sarah RemyWe’re happy to host Sarah Remy, author of the new fantasy STONEHILL DOWNS at The Dark Phantom today!

In 1994 Sarah Remy earned a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from Pomona College in California. Since then she’s been employed as a receptionist at a high-powered brokerage firm, managed a boutique bookstore, read television scripts for a small production company, and, more recently, worked playground duty at the local elementary school.

When she’s not taking the service industry by storm, she’s writing fantasy and science fiction. Sarah likes her fantasy worlds gritty, her characters diverse and fallible, and she doesn’t believe every protagonist deserves a happy ending.

Before joining the Harper Voyager family, she published with EDGE, Reuts, and Madison Place Press.

Sarah lives in Washington State with plenty of animals and people, both. In her limited spare time she rides horses, rehabs her old home, and supervises a chaotic household. She can talk to you endlessly about Sherlock Holmes, World of Warcraft, and backyard chicken husbandry, and she’s been a member of one of Robin Hobb’s longest-running online fan clubs since 2002.

Her latest is the fantasy novel, Stonehill Downs.

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About the Book:

Stonehill Downs 2Stonehill Downs follows Mal, a powerful mage who functions as Lord Vocent, the king’s personal forensic scientist and detective.  Magic and murder are his calling.  Never have the two entangled in quite as terrifying a manner as on Stonehill Downs, where Avani, a Goddess-gifted outsider, has discovered a host of gruesome corpses reeking of supernatural malfeasance.  The investigation is haunted by ghosts of Mal’s past, and the two quickly learn that they must cast aside their secrets if they are to succeed in unearthing the pervading evil—before it’s unleashed from the boundaries of the Downs, straight into the heart of the kingdom.

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Would you call yourself a born writer?

Yes, definitely. I started writing when I was very young. It never mattered to me whether I made money off my stories. I write to entertain myself and it’s an essential part of my sanity, and really fun to boot.

What was your inspiration for STONEHILL DOWNS?

I wanted to set unusual characters down in a typical fantasy setting. I wanted a female protagonist who didn’t care what the rest of the world thought of her, who was true to herself, and not dependent on cultural norms for self identification. And I wanted a magus – Mal – who at first glance comes across as your usual fantasy sorcerer but who is in fact deeply flawed and maybe not meant to be the series’ hero.

What themes do you like to explore in your writing?

Morals. Real people have different value concepts, and my characters do as well. I also have a fondness for the puzzle of religion and how different cultures deal with faith or the lack thereof. I’ve also got a wee morbid streak. I like a little gore and violence in every story.

How long did it take you to complete the novel?

Stonehill took me roughly six months. Its sequel, Across the Long Sea, was written to deadline and as a result took only about four.

Are you disciplined? Describe a typical writing day.

Yes, I have to be very disciplined. Otherwise nothing gets done. I typically schedule a few hours in front of the computer after lunch, and then several more late, before bed. I sit down even if I have nothing to say. I put down words even if I have nothing to say. Bad prose can be fixed later, and I’m fine with that, so long as the story keeps going forward.

What did you find most challenging about writing this book?

Actually, writing the sequel. Stonehill was picked up in Harper/Voyager’s open call; the manuscript had been sitting in my desk for a few years and I hadn’t given it much thought. When Harper came back to me for a follow-up, I had a real brain freeze, simply because I’d moved on to other things and had other worlds in my head. I went back and reread Stonehill several times, and was relieved when the characters finally begin to live and breathe again.

What do you love most about being an author?

Living multiple imaginary lives. There’s nothing better.

Did you go with a traditional publisher, small press, or did you self publish? What was the process like and are you happy with your decision?

I’m a hybrid author. I self publish, I submit to small press, and now I write for Harper. I like to say I write the stories I want to tell, and then toss them out there and see where they end up. The pleasure, for me, is in the writing. The rest of it works, or doesn’t, and I’m okay with that.

Where can we find you on the web?

You can find me at www.sarahremy.com or on Twitter as @sarahremywrites Please do come find me. I love people.


She's All Caught Up

Title: She’s All Caught Up!

Author: Jamila T. Davis

Publisher: Voices International Publication

Pages: 338

Genre: Memoir/Young Adult

Format: Paperback/Kindle

She’s All Caught Up is a cautionary tale based on the life of Jamila T. Davis, a federal prisoner serving a 12 1/2 year sentence. Jamila grew up in a loving middle class home, raised to become her parent’s ideal star child. All was copacetic until high school years. Jamila rebels and chooses to live life in the fast lane. When this good girl goes bad, it seems there is no turning back!

For More Information

She’s All Caught Up! is available at Amazon. Pick up your copy at Barnes & Noble. Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.

THE PSYCHE OF A REBELLIOUS TEEN: What Parents Just Don’t Understand But Need To Know!

By Jamila T Davis  |   Submitted On September 23, 2014

As we advance in age we often quickly forget the struggles we encountered as teens. Although many of us vowed decades ago not to become just like our parents, somehow fate caused us to embrace exactly what we once despised. Now with children of our own, their behavior appears foreign and we panic. Instead of conquering our desire to be our children’s role models and their best friends, we find ourselves struggling to maintain a solid influence in their lives. Sound familiar?

Back tracking the steps that led to my rebellion as a youth and dealing with my own teenage children, I was able to discover some viable parenting tips to sustain my parental influence and block the wiles of adverse peer pressure. The key to my success has been fostering my children’s desire to be successful and independent.

Think about it. Many of us couldn’t wait to turn of age so we no longer had to listen to our parents and could explore life on our own. Our kids are no different! In their minds our rules are set in place simply to block them from having fun. They believe when they finally get out on their own that’s when the good times will begin.

Often times when we smother our children and enforce too many stringent rules, we cause them to rebel. Even worst, when they finally break free, they go wild! This rebellious behavior in many instances turns out to be extremely destructive. To avoid this tragic fate, we must develop trust and foster our children into maturity and independence.

I found it most helpful to gauge my children and find out their deepest desires and dreams. Regardless of how far removed these dreams were from my own expectations, I embraced them and decided to help them set a plan of action to reach their goals. Nothing has been more rewarding than watching the glow on my children’s faces when they saw I genuinely embraced and supported their dreams and could provide useful pointers to tackle their desires. During our countless hours of planning, I’ve been able to establish trust while fostering a sense of pride and independence within them.

Working together on life projects with your children will ultimately bring you closer together. It will be amazing to watch how many similar gifts and talents they have inherited from you. Spending quality time working on a project they are excited about affords you the opportunity to watch your children open up and express who they truly are, without worries about being rejected or judged.

Be confident in your parenting skills and never second guess yourself. If you’ve done your job of instilling morals and values within your children, they will ultimately land on their feet, no matter what! Be open and allow them to explore. Let them know you trust them and believe in them. As you show your support of their independence they will ultimately embrace you more.

Want to know what’s really happening in your children’s lives and what truly motivates them. Sit down and have a conversation today about collaborating with them on a project they will enjoy. Teach them how to set goals, how to research and find answers and how to persevere despite adversity. I guarantee you they will embrace your advice and you will build a strong, healthy relationship that will last for many years to come. Enact this simple piece of advice and you will turn an awkward relationship in to a close bond that breeds success!

Jamila T. Davis (@JamilaTDavis), author of “She’s All Caught Up!,” is a self-help expert, motivational speaker and a women’s prison reform activist. Through her inspirational books and cautionary tales, based on her unique real-life experiences, she is helping to transform the lives of both the young and the old. For more information about Jamila T. Davis visit http://jamiladavis.com or http://www.facebook.com/authorjamilatdavis.


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