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A teenage runaway disappears from the streets. The only people that care, or even notice, are her two best friends who are also runaways. For reasons of their own, they can’t go to the police for help.

They seek out Michael Sykora, a software designer by day and hit man by night. Known on the streets as The Ghost, Michael has a reputation for taking on the twisted criminals. Rapists. Child molesters. He has never been hired to find the lost. Until now.

Michael teams up with ex-prostitute Nicki and full-time hit man Sean. Together they bend the rules of the justice system in order to find a young girl few people care about. In the process, they uncover a world where salvation comes with a price tag and God’s words are used to incite fear in a congregation of believers.

Mini Interview with the Author:

What inspired you to write this story?

When I started writing Beyond Salvation, which is the sequel to No Justice, I truly had no idea where the story would go. I am very character-driven in m writing and, consequently, my characters lead me more than I lead them. My main character, Michael Sykora, suffered a heart-wrenching loss that permanently altered his life. He now travels in and out of a world that most of us don’t see. I began with the premise of this one lost girl and I explored the kind of world she came from. I wanted my readers to join Michael on that journey and see beneath the surface.

Since Beyond Salvation is a sequel, is it necessary that the reader start with the first book, No Justice?

Absolutely not. When I decided to turn this into a series, I wanted to be sure that each book could stand on its own.

Are you currently working on a third book in this series?

No. I’m working on finishing a separate novel that has been hanging around half-finished and haunting me for way too long!

What are your future writing/publishing aspirations?

I would love to get my books into physical bookstores, which is nearly impossible without a major publisher and/or agent. Aside from that, my aspirations are pretty simple. I want to unleash all the crazy characters in my head and write books that people continue to enjoy reading.

Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

I have been debating as to how to best answer this question. Initially I was going to settle on a polite word of thanks to you and all my readers. However, I feel that there’s something more I need to share. I have chronic, late-stage lyme disease. I say that not because I want sympathy, because I definitely do not. What I do want is for others with chronic health conditions to know that they are not alone. I believe that writing has truly been my saving grace. The process allows me to float away to another place entirely. I hope that my books will give people that same gift; that ability to float away to another place for awhile. We all need that sometimes.

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