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As a national book publicist professional with years of measurable success in book marketing, book promotion and publicity I have developed a  tested, comprehensive plan to launch a book that has spelt success for my range of  author and publisher clients. The following book marketing, book promotion and book publicity tips represent what I have developed as a good, solid, general plan to create “buzz” about a new book and generate sales. Authors and publishers need to adhere to a plan such as this as they seek and develop a strategy to launch a book marketing/book media outreach/book publicity plan for their published works.  To me, no worthwhile, effective and basic PR plan such as this one can be successful without these book marketing and PR tips: 

  • Develop, prepare and write a media-friendly, dedicated two-page press release for the book you are marketing that is colorful, engaging, gets the media’s attention and, most importantly,  tells a story.
  • Virtual Author Tour: a global on line book marketing tour on the Net targeting social bloggers, forums and affiliate programs that will generates interest in your book
  • Presence for the book on Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social media web destinations.
  • Professionally photographed photos of the author for media and web site use.
  • Distribution of the press release to all relevant  book reviewers and feature profile writers print, radio/TV and online medias from Publishers Weekly to The NY Times to USA Today to the Today show to Google News, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook and others.  Using a good online news release distribution service like prlog.org (www.prlog.org) or PRWEB.COM too is crucial in getting maximum media and reader exposure for the press release.
  • Book store signings and other select and appropriate venues where a book and its author can be introduced to a live audience of 20 to 200 or more.
  • Author speaker events from panel discussion groups at book festivals to local relevent groups that can give support for marketing a book.
  •  National, regional, local and Net radio interviews to sell a book are a must and no book PR campaign can be successful without radio.
  • Television show bookings from local stations to national shows (for example, The View to C-Span Weekend Books to PBS” Book Mark to PBS’ Between the Pages as well as Today, Good Morning America, the Own network and others).
  • Book authors may write articles or papers on any given subject relative to his or her book that can be brokered to the print and digital media (newspapers, magazines, on line pieces).
  • An introduction of a book to a select national book club to seek reviews
  • Book authors should place their book’s web site address within their e-mail signature as another way to publicize their published works.
  • Media training should be conducted with most authors publicizing a book.  This can be done with mock interviews for TV, radio, print and digital medias.
  • “Rave” book reviews should be placed on an author’s web site and used to update the original press release on a regular basis to keep it fresh and appealing.
  • Electronic broadcast (radio, TV) interview clips can also be placed on an author’s web site as another content marketing tool.
  • Dedicated web site for a book: every author needs his own dedicated web site, whether it is a start-up web page or an intricate, sophisticated site.  The website should feature his or her biography, photos for media downloading, an outline of their book titles as well as radio clips, print reviews and video of TV guestings, events that can be listened to and viewed.
  • Authors need to keep their web sites fresh and attractive, updated. Dated content on any book web site is a sure way to keep visitors moving on. Blogs can work very well for an author who wants to expand the awareness of themselves and their published works.  

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Well known, experienced, professional Hollywood book, TV and movie publicist Charlie Barrett formed The Barrett Company in 1991 as a full service publicity and media relations agency to serve books/authors/publishers, television and motion picture industry clients. TheLos Angelesheadquartered publicity firm offers 21st century publicity and media relations services to celebrities, authors, actors, directors, screen writers, filmmakers as well as film and television producers.

Charlie’s author clients have include LA author-screenwriter Carla Malden, author of Afterimage, Kindle’s John Locke/Lethal People, Julie Sinatra/Under my Skin, Warren Adler/War of the Roses, David R. Fett MD and Steve Langford/White Sleeper, Deby Eisenberg/Pictures of the Past, Marty Jurow/See’in Stars: A Show Biz Odyssey, actor George Kennedy/Trust Me, Peter Ford/Glenn Ford: A Life and Dr. Ken Nedd/Power Over Stress as well as many, many others.

Since it’s inception, TBC has served as publicists to such companies and celebrities as CBS, Simon & Schuster, ABC, Globe Pequot Press, Harper Collins publishers, Norton publishers, Paramount studios, Oxford University Press, PBS, Warner Brothers, American Movie Classics cable channel (Mad Men), Bravo, Life Time Television, NYU Press, Ben Bella Books, Fox Television Network, Little Brown publishers, Fox News, CNN, self-published author service firms such as Xlibris, Author House and i-Universe as well as numerous celebrities from Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon to Kevin Costner, Tatum O’Neal, Tim Curry, Martin Landau, Robert Stack, Rod Stewart, Gary Conway, Oprah Winfrey (Oprah’s Big Give television series on ABC) and numerous other stars.

Mr. Barrett started up The Barrett Company publicity firm after serving in top PR positions with the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) for more than ten years, where he was in charge of media relations for Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show and Today, among other well-known NBC shows such as Unsolved Mysteries, Fame and numerous highly-rated NBC specials, including The American Film Institute Awards and The American Movie Awards.

When earlier basing inNew York City, Mr. Barrett served as a book publicist to many major publishers with publicity campaigns for a number of best-selling authors from large trade book publishers from Scribners to Random House.

Mr. Barrett has also held executive media relations posts with 20th Century Fox Film Corporation inNew Yorkand Capitol Records inHollywood,New YorkandLondon, where he helped launch recorded music by The Beatles, The Band and many other music artists including Joe South, Freda Payne, Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell.

You can visit his website at www.thebarrettco.com.  Visit them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/thebarrettco.

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