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Fletcher Best is an American author of humorous fiction and science fiction.  He is the author of the Stranded In Time series of science fiction novels, including Pirates of the Storm, The Corpornation, and the upcoming third installment, Timeless.  His Fletcher Besthumorous works include Sniffing Out Stink Ape, The Great Chupacabra Kerfuffle, and The Eight Fingered Fiend of Lake Porker.

In addition to his novels, Fletcher Best also writes short stories that are published exclusively for the enjoyment of visitors to his website, FletcherBest.com.  These include the popular, Manatee Vengeance – Blood at the Boat Launch, Alien Invasion of the Zombie Apocalypse, Operation Black Friday, and A Fabulous Business Opportunity.

Born in Miami, Florida, Fletcher has lived in Texas since 1988.  He (or more correctly, his real-life alter-ego George Best) attended Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas before beginning a chiropractic practice in San Antonio in 1992.  He has resided in San Antonio ever since and now lives in sin with his girlfriend and their 4 cats (the sin being strictly with the girlfriend, not the cats).

Readers are invited to connect with Fletcher through his website at http://www.FletcherBest.com.

The Eight Fingered Fiend of Lake Porker 7Would you call yourself a born writer?

Well, I was born and I write; therefore I suppose I am a born writer.  But to give a more serious answer, I did show some promise as a writer when I was a kid.  Life intervened, and it has only been the past couple of years that I’ve resumed writing fiction and for the first time have started publishing my work.

What was your inspiration for The Eight Fingered Fiend of Lake Porker?

The idea for the book came initially from a combination of learning about Japanese tentacle porn from an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s travel show that explored Tokyo (and definitely not from a sexually deviant search on Google) and reading about reports of freshwater octopuses in lakes in Oklahoma.

What themes do you like to explore in your writing?

I like to explore human relationships and interactions in a somewhat outrageous context.  Sexuality features prominently in my writing, as does a certain amount of violence, but ultimately I want to delve into how people behave publicly versus how they behave privately.

How long did it take you to complete the novel?

About 6 months from start to final edit.

Are you disciplined? Describe a typical writing day.

I’m fairly disciplined when I’m working on a specific project.  I get up, get dressed, have breakfast, and usually start working by 9:00.  I’ll then work pretty steadily for a few hours with a short break to get up and move around whenever I reach a good stopping point.  At some point before lunch, I’ll usually do about a 30 minute workout in my home gym and then go back to writing.  I take a lunch break around 1:30 most days and will usually check email and surf the internet while I eat.  I’m usually back to writing by 2:30 and will then work for a few more hours, again with a few short breaks to stand up and stretch, and perhaps go outside and get some fresh air.  I usually stop for the day at around 6:00, although I occasionally will work for a little while before I go to bed if I’ve got a really good idea that I want to get in writing.

What did you find most challenging about writing this book?

The biggest challenge I think was writing the sexual content without being too explicit.  I wanted the book to be humorous with sexual content,  not humorous erotica.

What do you love most about being an author?

The biggest thing for me is the freedom.  I enjoy having the option to work pretty much anywhere anytime.  In addition to being an author, I also practice part-time as a chiropractor.  With that type of business, you have to be in your office during business hours to make a living and it can be really difficult to take even a short vacation or to take time off if you get sick or have a family emergency.  I was in full-time practice up until a few years ago and at one point when I looked back, I realized that I had taken only about 6 weeks of total vacation time in my first 15 years in practice.  I’ve been taking at least 2 weeks per year since then, but it’s still hard to leave my practice for more than a week at a time.  I’m hoping to gradually transition into being an author full-time so that even if I’m not 100% on vacation, I can go places and do things for extended periods without it being a problem.

Did you go with a traditional publisher, small press, or did you self publish? What was the process like and are you happy with your decision?

I have self-published all of my books and I think that’s been a good decision for me so far.  There is definitely a learning curve for self-publishing because it goes way beyond simply writing your books.  You essentially are your own marketing/PR department and there’s a lot of work involved in developing a fan base on your own.  You also have to learn about formatting your book for print and the various ebook versions and that can be a bit daunting at first.  I can see that there are probably advantages to working with a publisher, but self-publishing has not been a bad experience and as I go along , I’m getting better at handling the various tasks involved.

Where can we find you on the web?

My website and blog is FletcherBest.com.  I also have a Facebook page at Facebook.com/AuthorFletcherBest  and I’m @AuthorFBest on Twitter.


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unnamedBeing popular and getting the votes is the foremost objective in the mind of any government. When it comes down to it, making the right noises at the right times and  spending time thinking of good ideas for saving the country money, making more, lining their own pockets and looking after themselves is what really matters. There is little consideration given, to the effects of the new policies on the people involved by the government or those who are unaffected; the affected may protest, but their complaints are just brushed under the carpet, and forgotten.

However, this is the story of what happens when the people fight back, when the government’s economic policies are not just meekly  accepted.    When the Podiatry department of a university hears about proposed cutbacks, which may affect them, the professor in charge of the department Professor Vinnie McVittie and his colleagues decide to fight back, and their plan is to kidnap Dr. Malcolm Moon, a senior academic.
Plan accomplished, the Podiatry department with their captive, hide out, deep in the welsh countryside. However, Malcolm discovers, on the farm a part of him he has never see before and experiences emotions he never knew existed. His incarceration has not turned out as his captors expected, a fact, which soon becomes worryingly apparent.
Back in London, the race to find out where the missing academic is being held is on. With a Prime Minister who has ‘issues’ and is desperate for re-election, government policies and university politics, it seems nothing more could complicate the search for the missing academic, until the journalists become involved…
This amazing story is jam-packed with fantastic characters. They come in all shapes and sizes, the weird, the wonderful and the stereotypical images of government officials, ‘old boys’ and regional characters, all of whom are brought brilliantly to life by this talented author.
This really is the funniest book that I have read in a very long time, in the same vein as Tom Sharpe.  I found the author’s use of local dialect really added to the story. I came originally from the U.K., although not from the Midlands, and I actually know the areas and roads in the story very well, having spent the last three years travelling to visit my daughter at university in Wales.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone, it is witty, has a fast moving plot and I, for one, just couldn’t put it down.

Reviewed by Susan Keefe



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Why do I write? Well, because the little voices in my head tell me to—seriously, I’ve always talked to myself—now I put the voices on paper.

I was a late bloomer and didn’t start my love of reading until I was in my twenties and then I couldn’t get enough of the wonderfully, smutty Harlequin books.

I’ve worked in the government sector for fifteen years and always dreamed of having a job that I could work from home. This crazy idea came to me one night, after reading a particularly sizzling romance. Why not try my hand at writing one? So, out of the blue I told my husband I was going to write a Harlequin novel. He said, “Okay.”

I figured I’d read enough of them, I could write one—no problem. Eight thousand words later; I realized it was harder than I thought. I also realized, I wasn’t writing what I was most comfortable with—animals.

I put my Harlequin attempt on the back burner and started writing “The Boss from Hell”. My boss, who I adored, had been fired and his replacement was a living-terror. It was really easy to come up with material to write about and of course I threw in a bunch of romance and of course animals. Ninety thousand words later I was still optimistic that I could write for a living, but I’d need a lot of support, my cat couldn’t give me. The support came in the form of Romance Writers of America and all the people involved in the local chapter.

Several of the members of my local chapter read my book and made numerous suggestions, one of them came from an independent publisher—Books to Go Now. She told me to put the novel aside for now and try my hand at a short story. That’s where I incorporated the paranormal aspect to my writing and it really clicked for me.

I submitted ‘Flamingo Blues’, as a Christmas short story to Books to Go Now and I was offered my first contract. ‘Be Mine’, a Valentine short story, is book two of ‘The Corny Meyers Series’ and in addition to a contract, I won the holiday contest too. Woo hoo! Klutzy Love is book three of ‘The Corny Myers Series’, which was released August 2012.

I’ve been a jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none, my whole life. I’ve worked in restaurants, weight loss centers, worked in a fish cannery and even worked in a top salon in Seattle, but none of that was as satisfying as seeing my own words in print. That’s why I write….

About Klutzy Love blurb:

Corny is a hot chick with a great job that she loves. All that changed in the blink of an eye when her boss had an accident involving an oversized rubber band. She’s still a hot chick, but her boss is dead.

Steve Spears is a seasoned narcotics cop who ends up wanting to strangle Corny on a regular basis. After finding out Corny’s dream of opening a pet detective business, he decides he doesn’t want a girlfriend who routinely puts herself in danger. That’s his job!

Corny misses Steve, but she’s getting on with her life. She decides to get a month’s worth of dating out of the way in a single night, by combining her three favorite things—men, food, and alcohol.

Steve’s big gun and cop’s intuition saves Corny’s life, but not from another trip to the emergency room. He makes Corny promise never to get hurt again—she agreed, but has her fingers crossed behind her back.


Sharon Kleve was born and raised in Washington and currently lives on the Olympic Peninsula with her husband.

She loves romance. Loves reading romance, living romance, and especially loves writing about romance. She gets no greater feeling than watching her characters come alive in each other’s arms. Most of all, she loves giving her characters the happily ever after they deserve—with a few bumps and bruises along the way.

One of her favorite things to do is picking up a new book and sinking into the story, immersing herself in the emotions between the characters. She hopes to inspire her readers the same way her favorite authors have inspired her.

When not writing, she can usually be found either curled up in her recliner with her cat and a good book, or in the kitchen baking sourdough bread or bagels.

My website: http://www.sharonkleve.com/

My blog:  http://www.sharonkleve.com/blog.html

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Klutzy-Love-ebook/dp/B0091HGE6W/ref=la_B006JAH14S_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1346092549&sr=1-1

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/klutzy-love-sharon-kleve/1112629112?ean=2940015197198


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