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?????????????Chuck Waldron’s latest novel, Lion’s Head Deception, is a dystopian story about an investigative blogger who uncovers more than he ever imagines…and has no idea what to do with his discovery.

An investigative blogger uncovers a sinister conspiracy, a billionaire’s plan backed by select government officials, designed to exterminate citizens who do not live up to a predetermined screening matrix; under the guise of rioting and a destabilized city, the plan is implemented and the blogger fights not only to discover and reveal the truth, but to survive.

“I grew up,” Chuck said, “listening to my grandfather, an Ozark Mountain story teller, spinning tales of the caves on his farm, describing them as hiding places once used by the Jesse & Frank James’ gang. It didn’t matter if the stories were true or not. Those legends set fire to my imagination, creating images that emerged slowly over the years, finally igniting as my short stories and novels.”

Now, thirty-plus short stories and three novels later, ideas keep coming, with more novels under development. Do they share anything in common? Each has its own unique voice and tale to tell, yet, at their heart, his stories tell about the human condition – the good, the bad and the ugly.

As Chuck tells it, “stored images that echo in my writing include train whistles in the night, Norman Rockwell childhood scenes, U.S. Army memories, blue collar jobs, university, a professional career, and finally retirement. Many of my images are drawn from this pool of memories: places visited, sights seen, and people met. The rest I fill in with my imagination: dreams of places yet to be visited, sights yet to be seen, and people yet to meet.”

His literary roots were planted in the American Midwest and thrived when transplanted to the rich, cultural soil of Ontario. He and his wife, Suzanne, are now warmed by the sun on Florida’s Treasure Coast.

His latest book is Lion’s Head Deception.

Lion's Head DeceptionWould you call yourself a born writer?

Born to write, maybe?  But, there were a lot of twists and turns on the journey to becoming a writer. Alas, I wasn’t born one. What my parents passed along was a work ethic and permission to use my imagination. Those are the skills I need as a writer. It would have helped if I paid closer attention to my days as an English student.

What was your inspiration for Lion’s Head Deception?

Writing a thriller about a conspiracy, a billionaire’s plan backed by secret government officials, to exterminate citizens to do not live up to their predetermined screening matrix, the deception part of the title seemed to fit. I set part of the novel in Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula near Lion’s Head, a prominent feature on the Niagara Escarpment.

What themes do you like to explore in your writing?

In Lion’s Head Deception  I wanted to explore what would happen if some of our core values were threatened; freedom from arrest without cause and privacy. I also wanted to feature a character who was not a superhero, but someone who has to draw on the necessary inner strength to move ahead.

How long did it take you to complete the novel?

It took longer than my first three novels, just over a year. It was sweaty work and I smile when I look at my original first chapter draft.

Are you disciplined? Describe a typical writing day.

Am I disciplined? I have to say to a degree. When the characters are speaking to me I have to follow their lead. When I’m having trouble thinking through a scene or chapter I find a long walk is a big help. I try to write every day and when the plot bunny is nipping at my heels I can write for hours.

What did you find most challenging about writing this book?

I think it was facing issues that are disturbing, especially giving voice to characters who would be willing to destroy our freedoms to shape a world they prefer.

What do you love most about being an author?

The freedom to enjoy my imagination is what I love most. It’s a way to escape into fantasy without guilt.

Did you go with a traditional publisher, small press, or did you self publish? What was the process like and are you happy with your decision?

Indie publishing has been my choice for all four of my novels.

Where can we find you on the web?

Visit me at www.chuckwaldron.com and don’t be shy about looking for Lion’s Head Deception and my other novels at the usual online sources.


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