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Lucky Chica
luckyBy Berta Platas
St. Martin’s Griffin
ISBN: 978-0-312-34174-9
Copyright 2009
Trade Paperback, 336 pages

Author’s website: www.bertaplatas.com

Lucky Chica is a charming, entertaining novel about a poor Hispanic young woman who wins the biggest lotto ever, and how her life—and those around her—change because of it.

Twenty-four-year old Rosie Caballero, a college dropout, lives in a tiny, rundown apartment with her best friend, Tootie—a tiny dog that looks like it was ‘rescued from the Katrina waters.’ Rosie hates her no-end job, her mean boss, and has been recently dumped by her boyfriend. At such a young age, her life couldn’t get any worse. The only good things in her life are her grandmother, Abuela, and her cousin Cheeto.

Then something incredible happens, something that drastically changes her existence forever: she wins the biggest lottery ever, $600,000,000! All of a sudden she finds herself surrounded by diamonds, furs, luxury suites, yachts, and all the things she never had before. She decides to share her fortune with Abuela and Cheeto. But what does one do with so much money, after the first shopping sprees at Tiffany’s are over? How does one know with whom to share his fortune when everyone wants a piece of it? Not only are greedy people after her, but so are the paparazzi, especially now that Rosie is going out with Brad Merritt, the hottest Hollywood actor around. Has her life really changed for the better?

Lucky Chica makes a very amusing, fun, relaxing read, a perfect one for the beach or those lazy weekends. Part romantic comedy, part coming-of-age story, this is a novel that will be enjoyed by anyone who has ever seriously fantasized about winning the lottery. The characters are sympathetic, the dialogue engaging. Rosie is well drawn, her personality a mix of naiveté and uncertainty about her future, with a nice round arc towards the end as she suddenly wakes up and realizes what to do with her life. But reader be warned, Lucky Chica may prompt people to keep buying those lottery tickets!

*This review previously appeared in Armchair Interviews

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