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Our guest today is J. Stewart Dixon, author of the irreverent self-help book, Spirituality for Badasses. Spirituality for Badasses and 21 Days blossomed out J. Stewart’s life as a spiritual seeker, finder and teacher. He teaches based on his direct experience, twenty-nine years of interaction with numerous nonduality-advaita-zen-unorthodox teachers, his ongoing education / certification in modern mindfulness and a degree in communications / engineering from Syracuse University.

He has been interviewed by Rick Archer on Buddha at the Gas Pump, was the meditation editor of the mind/body/spirit blog All Things Healing, was a board member of Sevenoaks Retreat Center (a nondenominational spiritual retreat center in Madison, VA) and is the owner/founder of a tech design -install firm called Charlottesville Audio Visual Services.

J. Stewart Dixon has been a very creative individual for most of his life. In addition to two self-published books, he has written and produced a rock musical, has two professionally produced and recorded CDs with his former band Alchemy and has dabbled in abstract art.

He lives in central Virginia with his family. When he’s not working or creating he can be found cavorting with the fish, bears, and bald eagles on the local rivers with a fly rod in his hand.

Visit his website at http://www.spiritualityforbadasses.com or connect with him on Facebook.

What made you decide to become a published author?

Spirituality for Badasses is my second book.  The first was written ten years ago.  I’ve had multiple false starts on a second book over the years.  I’d write a chapter or two and then resign it to the dust bin. Spirituality for Badasses came about after a frustrating attempt to make a more conventional version of my work fly. It didn’t fly. It flopped. So, in frustration, I said fuck it, and wrote the first few chapters of Spirituality for Badasses in one sitting. (Including the title)  I gave those chapters away for free and it immediately flew. 

Would you consider your latest book, Spirituality for Badasses, to be a one of a kind?  How so?

Well, maybe not one of a kind- but rare.  It’s a self-help adventure book where you – the reader- are actually in and a part of the book.  I speak to the reader both from the POV of book in hand and then as if the reader is with me on the adventure. 

Actually, I can make this can one-of-a-kind guarantee:  It’s the only self-help book ever written with a chapter about getting mindfully drunk off of tequila in a biker bar.

Where is your writing sanctuary?

My office computer in the basement.

What do you believe a writer should not do as far as getting his or her book published?

I’m self-published and wouldn’t have it any other way. More control. More creativity. More profits. Screw the big 5 major publishers – they only publish people who are already famous with reality TV shows and who are related to the Kardashians. Yuck.

What inspires you?

Underdog creatives hitting it big.

What is one thing you learned about your book after it was published?

It appeals to tons of people who would never have bought or read a conventional self-help book.

You’re concocting a recipe for a best selling book.  What’s the first ingredient?

The cover and title

What’s one fun fact about your book people should know?

Lenny, the iguana in the book, is in reality my muse and a metaphor for being aware and happy.  I don’t actually own an iguana.

Did any real life experiences find their way into your book?

A ton. My book wouldn’t fly without reference to my own experiences.

Aside from writing, what’s your passion?


What’s next for you?

I’m writing the workbook version.

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